Automate, Speed-Up & Control on-site Quality process


Quality control of shipments is critical for companies in the retail, apparel, footwear, luxury and consumer goods industries. WFX QC Mobile App is an easy-to-use app automates the quality control process by enabling QC personnel to conduct, capture and record quality inspections on-site at the vendors’ location with any iOS-enabled mobile device.

Record and capture data at the inspection location in real time as you perform quality checks & assessments, identify potential quality defects and deviations in a variety of formats including text, photographs etc.


Inspection Schedule – for Better Planning

Create, allocate and schedule inspection requests. Easy display of pending inspection Requests on iPAD.
With in-built inspection calendar to plan weekly inspections.

Inspection Schedule – for Better Planning

Geo-tagging to Pin-point Inspection Location

Google maps integration to track inspection locations with ability to tag inspection start and logs start and stop times.

Geo-tagging to Pin-point Inspection Location

Capture Measurements

Quickly record actual measurements and instantly highlight points of failure.
Capture inspection data even in remote locations with no data connectivity.

Capture Measurements

Capture Inspection Results - Real time

Configurable forms facilitate real time data capturing during factory inspections.
Capture deviations & defects, analyze checkpoints with instant transmission of inspection results through online sync tool.

Capture Inspection Results - Real time

Accepted quantity and Seconds/Scrap

Custom define inspection forms for both in-house & outsourced production.
Categorize and classify inspected units into Accepted, Seconds & Scrap quantities.

Accepted quantity and Seconds/Scrap

Inspection Photos

Use the iPad’s in-built camera to capture & annotate inspection photos.

Inspection Photos

WFX QC App Advantages:

  • Easy-to-read layout and navigation
  • Keep track of inspections and inspection work-load
  • Capture & Upload pictures instantly with inbuilt iPad camera
  • Real time visibility of inspection timelines
  • Availability of finalized Product Specs/Measurements
  • QC-App to Web online sync tool for instant transmission of inspection results
  • Works Off-line! For QC in areas of poor internet connectivity.
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