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July 19, 2007

WFX On-Demand releases collaborative smart e-mail

New Jersey, USA - WFX On-Demand, the market and technology leader in On-Demand Web PDM and Web PLM for the Fashion Industry, today announced the release of its worldwide collaborative Smart E-mail.

WFX On-Demand services the small and medium business segment with solutions that significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. "We wanted to take this concept a step further and give our customers a way to interact with their worldwide trading partners through the application, and for no additional cost," explains Drish Paul, CEO WFX.

He continues; "With our patented Smart Email, users can send and receive Request for Quotes to their trading partners through the WFX portal." Smart E-mail sends trading partners a personal email with all style details, such as pictures and specs, attached. Here they can view, approve or reject the task in question without ever entering the WFX application. The response is immediately logged with the style in the user's WFX solution. No longer do users need to phone, fax or mail a trading partner all style details before receiving a response. Smart E-mail is further closing the gaps in product development ensuring products get to market as fast as possible.

The Smart E-mail feature allows customers to communicate with new and existing trading partners without buying additional licenses. "We believe collaboration is the future of software and we want to give our customers the tools to lead the industry there," concludes Paul. WFX includes all new features and updates in their monthly subscription starting at $85 user/month available at, and plans to release more relevant features later on this year.

WFX brings you WFX Web PDM and WFX Web PLM On-Demand starting at $85 user/month. More information is available at

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WFX is the leader in On-Demand Product Development Software – Web PLM and Web PDM – for the Fashion and Apparel Industry. Subscription-based pricing plans and fanatical support ensures customers get the quickest return on their investment. More information is available at

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