WFX Web PDM provides immediate access to real-time product information

WFX Web PDM is a comprehensive, easy-to-use product data management software that manages all product related data on a centralized location. WFX Web PDM shortens the development cycle and reduces the development costs of apparel and fashion companies. WebPDM is 100% cloud-based solution allowing multi-location product teams and partners to interact transparently and access updated information anywhere, through a web browser. The WFX Web PDM solution for fashion and apparel companies can also be extended to suppliers and buyers for integrated functionality.

Communicate, collaborate and create seamlessly on WebPDM, reducing product development time and cost. Multi-location offices, suppliers and production sites can retrieve real-time product specifications easily online. WFX Web PDM software eliminates the need for confusing email threads and spreadsheets to communicate product information and makes the fashion life cycle more efficient for any apparel business.


Create Techpacks Easily

All the tools you need to create great looking tech-packs; easily understood by your team members and vendors. Real time design changes and notifications keeping everyone in the loop!

WFX Techpacks


Centralized Workplace for All Approvals

In-built forms for managing Fits, Size sets, Materials and more...
Automatic approval or rejection notifications sent instantly!

WFX Centralized Workplace


Great Looking Line Sheets

For collection planning or your sales teams, build beautiful line-sheets effortlessly! Present up to date product information in a variety of formats based on your audience.

WFX Line sheets


Product Costing

Costing Management across Vendors, Markets etc.
Set margins and target costs.

WFX Costing Management

Web PLM Advantages

  • Centralized Database of Product Information Updated information anytime, anywhere
  • Highly Collaborative Collaborate with global product teams, vendors and partners
  • Error Elimination WebPDM enables a 'single version of the truth' & with history reducing unnecessary errors
  • Reduced Development Cost Reduce sample iterations & product delays with WFX's Fashion PDM
  • Faster Time to Market Anytime, anywhere access & forecasting reporting tools reduce delays
  • Higher Product Quality Approvals and testing management enables higher product quality
  • Supply Chain Visibility Flexible reporting tools allow complete visibility into product supply chain

Web PLM Features

  • All Style Info Create design, specs, grading, labels, construction and packing info and more with WFX Fashion PDM software
  • Fabric & Trim Library Upload and manage all fabrics, trims and apparel data into a searchable library for quick reference
  • Style Versioning WFX Apparel PDM software manages numerous product versions and variants
  • Change Log Track and view product design and data changes including date, time & user
  • Bill of Materials Create Bill of Materials including fabrics, trims, labels, linings and more
  • Costing Create multiple product cost sheets, including all indirect costs and analyze margins across apparel lines
  • Online Product Specs Share product specifications with fashion vendors with advanced Web PDM features

WFX Web PDM software for fashion, apparel, footwear and consumer goods companies spans the entire product development and sourcing process. Interconnected modules deliver comprehensive functionality in an intuitive and easy-to-use suite. With WFX Fashion PDM, everyone involved in the fashion product development process has access to the most current product information right at the moment it becomes available.