Collaborate with internal teams and vendors with WFX Web PLM Software

WFX WEB PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software is an end-to-end product lifecycle software for fashion, apparel, footwear, accessories and consumer goods industries. WFX fashion PLM centralizes product information and links the entire product lifecycle; from sourcing and product development through approvals and production - triggering alerts and tracking progress along the way.

WFX apparel PLM software streamlines production, conntects global offices & departments including design, merchandising, planning, production and sourcing. WFX Web PLM software for fashion is a product life cycle management software that enables easy collaboration among internal teams and vendors keeping everybody on the same page and working on a common platform.


Share & Collaborate with internal teams and global partners

WFX apparel PLM has inbuilt tools to share information with global offices, internal departments and vendors in real time. Share techpacks, costings, RQFs, Sample Requests, Purchase Orders and collaborate on-line with WFX fashion PLM. WFX PLM software for apparel helps reduce lead times through instant visibility across the supply-chain.

Share and Collaborate


Collection Planning

Plan collections across divisions, brands, product categories down to specific styles with WFX PLM Software for Apparel. Define cost targets & quantities and monitor against actuals.

Collection Planning


Track Samples with Ease

Request samples from multiple fashion vendors and track progress. Get access to shipping information with Apparel PLM.

Easy Sample Tracking


Instant Product Quotes

Request private quotes from multiple vendors with WFX Apparel PLM.
Compare, negotiate and confirm costs.

Get Instant Product Quotes


Online Purchase Orders

Track Purchase Orders and Production updates. Share Purchase Orders instantly with internal & external teams through WFX PLM Software. Integrate POs with 3rd party ERP systems.

Easy creation of purchase orders


Calendar Management & Alerts

Track milestones and highlight delays with Integrated Time & Action tools. Monitor and track sourcing activities. Gain visibility throughout the product’s lifecycle for accurate and timely decision making.

Easy management of calendars, alerts and reminders


Efficient Product Conversations

Bring the right people into your product conversations. Enable private discussions within your organization, collaborate with internal departments, or communicate with vendors - all in one threaded dialogue with WFX PLM Apparel software.

Manage conversation, interactions and emails


Integrate with any 3rd Party Software

WFX Apparel PLM integration tool kit allows for easy integration.
Select from multiple interface methods and set auto-scheduled routines. Connect with NetSuite or any 3rd party ERP software including in-house systems.

Easy integration of web plm with various platforms

Web PLM Advantages

  • Centralized Database of Product Information Updated information anytime, anywhere with WFX Cloud PLM software
  • Highly Collaborative Collaborate with global product teams, internal departments and vendors
  • Error Elimination Worldwide access to updated information & history reduces unnecessary errors
  • Reduced Development Cost Reduce overnight deliveries & product delays with WFX Apparel PLM
  • Faster Time to Market Anytime, anywhere access & forecasting reporting tools in WFX apparel PLM help reduce delays
  • Higher Product Quality Approvals and testing management enables higher product quality
  • Supply Chain Visibility Flexible reporting tools in WFX PLM software for fashion allows complete visibility into product supply chain

Web PLM Features

  • Collection Management View, manage, and update the entire fashion and apparel collection
  • Collection Planning with WFX apparel PLM software, create and view techpacks online with style details, specs and more
  • Design Collaboration Shorten development cycles by collaborating with global product management teams
  • Style Info at a click Access product info, approvals and history with WFX PLM software for Fashion
  • Sampling Send Sample requests and receive confirmations from suppliers immediately
  • RFQ's (Request for Quote) Send Request for Quotes to customers and vendors online through WFX PLM software
  • Vendor Connectivity Share data securely on-line including specs, costing and Purchase Orders
  • Collaborative Time & Action Schedule and monitor development activities with product life cycle software
  • Product Lifecycle Tracking Track development and avoid delays through exception reporting
  • Updated Information Mass update colors, prices, images and any information at any time with WFX fashion PLM
  • Plus all features of WFX Web PDM