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WFX Cloud PLM For Fashion

In this era of mobility and extensive Supply Chain collaborations, companies in the Fashion space are required to move faster from concept to production, by managing complex product development efficiently, reduce costs and expedite time to market. W FX Cloud PLM is a highly configurable, collaborative and scalable Solution built for quick implementation and capable of mapping diverse Products.

Product Lifecycle Management - PLM - Visual Next

PLM System for Fashion companies

Are you ready for High
Performance driven by Automation?

Eliminate cumbersome product development processes driven by tedious spreadsheets and manual tasks. WFX PLM is a simple, collaborative, powerful platform on the cloud that will help streamline Product Development and automate Product Data Management processes with real time visibility into a Product’s Design, Development & Production milestones.

WFX Fashion PLM Integration With Adobe Illustrator-Ensure Early Collaboration Between Your Creative Teams & Supply Chain

Encourage early collaboration between Creative & Sourcing teams without needing your Designers to change and migrate to a different platform and toolset. WFX PLM software brings seamless Integration with Adobe Products ensuring automation and real time sync between WFX & Adobe Illustrator.

Automatically Create and Update Products in WFX directly from AI. The secure role and user based permissions provide complete control of your design files throughout the conception process.

WFX Fashion & Apparel Integration

WFX PLM Features for your Business for a Cutting Edge Advantage

Centralized Product Library

Globally accessible repository of Products & Specifications for easy access across the Business

Global Vendor Collaboration

Real time sharing & transmission of Product specifications with Vendors over the cloud significantly reducing Product Development Lead Times and faster Time to Market.

Tailor Made for Fashion

Exclusively engineered for the Fashion space leveraging on our industry experience spanning over two decades to help you manage business and process challenges typical to Fashion Businesses.

Business Analytics

Visual Analytical Dashboards and Widgets using data on real time to deliver key insights into your business

Intuitive Critical Path Management Tools

Real time visibility into status of Business Critical milestones for minimizing process delays and bottlenecks

Collaborative Product Data Management Platform

Realize benefits derived from end to end collaboration from Concept to Production via Integrations with Adobe Illustrator, Online Vendor Portals, Quality Control App and More..

what our clients have to say

Simply Noelle

"WFX has taken our team output across all department to the next level. By Implementing this software and new procedures, we have successfully cut down lead time in every single area of the development lifecycle."

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WFX PLM’s visually intuitive Dashboards & high level graphical analytical tools bring together information from different sides of the business to deliver a holistic analysis on business performance.

You can now quickly and efficiently identify useful trends to aid in decision making for process improvements, identify your best performing business units, perform Season on Season or year on year performance evaluations, evaluate possible reasons for any below par performances, identify your best and worst Vendors and More….