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September 03, 2007

Go live with in 14 days!

WFX is the leader in On-Demand Web PLM and Web PDM for Fashion, offered through the service. WFX's unique, proven implementation and training methodology enables customers to go live on the system within 14 days.

"In the past, enterprise software buyers have had to wait for months, even years before 'go live' and realizing a return on their investment. WFX's unique training methodology, ensures quicker ROI than ever before," explains Jatin Paul, VP Business Development, WFX. "WFX has invested hundreds of man hours in collaboration with industry experts and consultants to perfect our implementation and training methodology down to a science."

Users are guided by implementation teams to navigate through each module. Assigning daily tasks for the users ensures complete comprehension of the solution. With assistance of a training manual and 24 hour customer support, the users are assured constant support throughout their subscription. And with updates and upgrades included, WFX has set a new benchmark in servicing its clients with an easy-to-use software for their business.

WFX brings you WFX Web PDM and WFX Web PLM On-Demand starting at $85 user/month. More information is available at

About WFX

WFX is the leader in On-Demand Product Development Software – Web PLM and Web PDM – for the Fashion and Apparel Industry. Subscription-based pricing plans and fanatical support ensures customers get the quickest return on their investment. More information is available at

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