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September, 2013

Dutch Company Basil Selects WFX Cloud PDM / PLM Software

Basil is a successful leading Netherlands-based producer of contemporary bicycle accessories such as bicycle baskets, panniers, fastening systems, seat covers and accessories. The brand is known for its quirky, bold and striking designs in fashionable colors and great functionality. With stylish accessories Basil encourages the use of the bicycle. They use recycled materials where possible and aim to produce products with ‘fair” principles.

Basil is implementing WFX Cloud PDM / PLM to improve product development and product data management. To stimulate and manage the creative process bringing designers, technicians, quality controllers, suppliers and marketing / brand management employees together on the same platform, working with one version of centralized (product) information. Netherlands based Product Stream ( is leading the implementation in collaboration with WFX.

Basil uses UNIT4’s ERP system Agresso Wholesale to support daily transactional processes. The collection and product data from WFX will be exchanged with Agresso Wholesale with an interface.

WFX Cloud PLM will contribute to Basil's growth by:

  • Expanding product lines and brand strategy
  • Process management and overview
  • Further improvement of product quality
  • Shorter lead time of products
  • Reducing product cost

About WFX Cloud PLM

WFX Cloud PLM is the next generation cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software solution exclusive to fashion including apparel, footwear, accessories and home decor. Started in 2000, WFX has 12,000 subscribers in 12 countries with offices in the US, Europe, South Asia, and a development center in India.

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