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WFX offers web-based apparel software solutions with a user interface design that is simple, transparent, and elegant. WFX is an innovative player in the apparel software space. By designing user friendly apparel software applications with proven functionality, WFX has a significant impact on more than 450 apparel businesses across 23 countries around the globe. WFX gives fashion businesses around the world the information, insight and tools they need to stay ahead of the competition.


WFX Web PDM is a comprehensive, easy-to-use product data management software that manages all product related data on a centralized location. It can be used to:

  • Create Techpacks
  • Manage & Create Styles Specs, Fabrics & Trims Online
  • Maintain Costings
  • Manage Style Sketches & Images
  • Share Style Information with Team Members & Trading Partners
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WFX Web PLM offers you all the advantages of Web PDM with additional features to manage the complete product lifecycle including:

  • Request for Quote (RFQ's)
  • Sample Tracking
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Critical Path
  • Alerts and Reminders
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WFX QC Mobile App is an easy-to-use app automates the quality control process by enabling QC personnel to conduct, capture and record quality inspections on-site at the vendors’ location with any iOS-enabled mobile device. With the WFX QC App you can:

  • Create, allocate and schedule inspection requests
  • Geo-tag to Pin-point Inspection Location
  • Capture Measurements
  • Capture Inspection Results - Real time
  • Capture & annotate inspection photos.
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Why Cloud?

Cloud based apparel software also known as Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), is an innovative distribution model in which applications are hosted by the service provider and made available over the web. No software, no hardware and no setup fees for the users! You can be live in just weeks on WFX feature-rich apparel software solutions.

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