About Us

World's leading provider of cloud-based enterprise software for the fashion industry with 35,000+ users across 40+ countries.


WFX solutions are used to design, develop, and deliver more than $9 billion worth of products for world's leading fashion manufacturers, brands and retailers. WFX’s cloud software automates product development, sourcing and production operations of fashion companies and enables collaboration and scalability.

Since 2000, WFX is the first company in the world to offer a true cloud-based solution for the fashion industry. WFX employs over 200 people with presence across the United States, Europe, Asia and an R&D center in India. WFX fashion management software is developed using the latest Cloud technologies and WFX software is comprehensive, fully-integrated and visibly improves the way companies in the fashion industry run, manage, and track their business.

Fashion companies use WFX to increase productivity, reduce time to market, control overhead, improve customer satisfaction, and maximize profitability.

The WFX Advantage

Cloud Native Technology 01

A Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, WFX offers cutting edge fashion industry software built on the latest cloud technologies. This allows offices, users and trading partners to access information in real-time, anytime from anywhere, through a web browser using PCs, Macs and iPads.

Collaborative 02

With multiple production sites, teams, manufacturers and vendors spread across the globe, a collaborative fashion industry software solution is needed to manage your global business practices efficiently and achieve complete transparency. WFX is the key to all your business requirements in one solution.

Scalable 03

WFX is an ideal solution for any size fashion company in apparel, footwear, accessories and home decor. WFX is a robust yet affordable solution that will enable your company to scale and grow over time.

Secure 04

WFX apparel software runs on high levels of internet security. Run WFX confidently knowing that all your information is completely protected even via the internet!

Domain Expertise 05

The entire team at WFX has been selected based on their expertise and hands-on experience in the fashion software and apparel retail manufacturing industry. Our solutions match the precise functionality required to meet your most pressing business and technical needs.

Global Support 06

At WFX customer service is of highest priority. From onsite or remote technical support, online assistance, to training and consulting, WFX puts a priority on receptiveness and convenience for customers worldwide. WFX provides software support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.